Anyone good in Kansas City area?

Any one good for what, guitar repairs/help? The ONLY place in this area is Mass St. Music in Lawrence; , 785 843 3535, ask for Josh, tell him Jack sent you. I let them do all my final setup as it's cheaper than hassling wit hit myself and they do such good work.
2nd recommendation for Mass Street Music.  Spent plenty of time and money there when I went to KU long, long ago.  Every time I've gone back to Lawrence, I've stopped in and still see quality work being done.

Scotty Yates used to be 'da man' - but closed up shop out in Blue Springs. Anyone having his contact info (or if you're out there Scotty) - I'd love to know, myself! Mass Street Music is great. I was given the name of KC local Keith George - but I've yet to try little help I am.