Anyone Ever Add A Sustainer?


Been thinking about adding a Sustainer to my Strat body.  Anyone ever tried this?  Any hints?

Thanks in advance!

I'd be interested also.  I've had friends install the sustainiac, which boasts more simplicity & less noise, but I've always been interested in the Fernandes version.
Several years ago I bought and installed a sustaniac on my strat.  Total waste of time and money.  Noise maker w/ 3 different pitches.  If your gonna try something like that, then try the fernandes version.  I'd pass on the whole thing though.

Later, Shane
Jam a Big Muff in your signal chain!  That is some sustain!
I'll be putting one into this hollow padouk body. Will advise when it's up and running. I've used them before, and installed them. A lot of fun, and can definitely open new avenues.


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Well, I got the Sustainer installed. I modified the control cavity a little bit; I removed the top-center screw support wood (see photo) to add a little room. I ordered the body with the 5-way switch and middle pot configuration, since I do that on all my orders. If I had a redo, I'd probably have just gotten the switch done, to give myself more flexibility.

The only 'problem' I encountered is that the top is a little too thick for the switches. I have just enough thread out the top to get the nuts on (oh stop it...), and since this thing isn't going on any world tours, I bet I'm safe. If I ever get really bored, I will remove all the guts and rout the top to the same thickness as the area for the switch. But I'm in no hurry.

Oh, and make sure you get the biggest input jack hole possible. I got mine drilled for 7/8" and still had to go larger because of the Fernandes jack. It was pre-wired, so I figured I'd rather rout than switch.

But this thing is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet  :party07:


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