any idea is this will work?


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I'm fairly noob when it comes to semi-complicated wiring (only ever done a single HB with t/v).

I am planning a tele with 2 HBs and p-90 middle.

i want to have mini switches to split the HBs, with a regular 3-way switch controlling them (as per, say a regular LP).

with the p-90, i want to wire ANOTHER 3-way, with these position:
2.p-90 on combined with whatever HB is selected on the other 3-way switch
3. p-90 on only (cuts off HBs)

my idea is to have regular HB switching (with coil tap switches), and then the ability to add the p-90 in combination or simply on its own.
any idea if this is possible? it was just an idea i ame up with, as i don't want to roll through an entire 5-way switch to get from bridge to neck and vice versa. ideas?
sure it will work. just wire the hb's normal. seymour duncan has many diagrams for popular combos. start there for a scematic with the coil taps. then take the wire that normally goes to the volume(if only one) usually the center post on the switch.
and run it into the other 3-way as if it is from a p/u and the p-90 to the other post.
the volume/tone hooks to the center post on the second switch as it normally would on the first one.
don't forget to tie all your grounds together
I'm actually doing nearly the exact same thing on my telecaster body that I just got!  You can see pics on this thread

What I am going to do with it is have a mini switch for each pickup only.  The humbuckers will be hum-off-coil tap, and the p90 will be just an on off switch.  That way I have the most combinations that I want, with the fewest switches.  Just another idea for you.
I've got a similar arrangement with a strat (HSH). After rewiring it a bunch of ways and figuring out what I actually use, I finally settled on this:

Fender tele 4-way switch for the two humbuckers 1. bridge, 2. neck+bridge parallel, 3. neck, 4. neck and bridge in series out of phase (essentially a 4-coil humbucker, very woolly sounding).

That goes to one volume control with a master tone control.

The middle pickup is on a separate volume control, like a blend pot. I never use it by itself. I had a push-pull pot that switched the phase on the middle pickup, but I got the most out of it when the middle pickup is out of phase. So it's now wired that way without a switch.

I use the middle pickup like a tone control. I bring it up a little to add some twang to the humbuckers. All the way up, and it sounds like an AM radio, but there's a lot of great sounds in all the in-betweens.