Another Strat



Lord, I hope this works....




Oh My God! that will be one of the best looking strats ever!
What kind of PG are you going to slap on? This is one of those rare occasions where a wood pg would look great! :) (let's not bring up the backrouted vs top routed discussion again ;))

What kind of neck is that? I hope it's goncalo.. I am going to order a Goncalo neck soon, and I just hope it looks something like this!!!
Can't wait to see the finished guitar!
THis neck look unreal! Wow!!!
That's finish on the body is very cool also...
Both pieces are killer...and see I my fair share of parts....  :cool01:
The neck is Indian Rosewood, the board is Ebony. I only saw 2 with that strange coloring, and neither lasted 24 hours on the showcase. I think it and the body go together beautifully.

I've got an Anaconda pickguard that I'm going to try, we'll see how it looks. Nothing is carved in stone at the moment.
Love the natural binding, sweet.
Whats the back finish? Trans orange?
And awesome looking neck too.
The back is trans amber, it doesn't look nearly that orange in person.
That is the most sexy piece of indian rosewood that I have ever seen!!!
Gregg, how do I get one like that! ;)
Really nice RLW! Can't wait to see it built up.

I wan't a fan of this finish at first but it is growing on me. I really like the natural masked binding.

Which trem is going in that pocket? I'm hoping someone trys the one where only the sustain block moves soon.


It's a good thing I don't work at Warmoth, I'd be comming to work on crutches with a fake leg cast and smuggeling necks out,

And maybe fake a pregnancy for a few bodies
RLW, you have exactly 3,8min to finish that guitar!  :laughing7:
(look for WHO is speaking  :icon_biggrin:)

I went WAY over budget, so it'll be a while. I've got the pickups (Lollar Tweeds), all I'm missing is the hardware, which will be Callaham.
What a great looking neck! Unreal mate. Can I be a bit presumptuous and make a suggestion? Anaconda might be a better choice for a plain body. With such a striking top I might opt for something plain like cream for instance.

..hope I'm not out of line here :doh:
Like I said, nothing is set as of now. By the way, I tried a pearloid guard on, it was positively hideous. A plain Jane guard will probably be the right choice.