Love those warmoth necks!

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Hello Everybody! Here is a guitar I designed and built with a custom made warmoth neck with my headstock shape. The body I cut out of a pc of swamp ash  and painted it in my shed. Everything fit nice and tight and all alined up perfect. Sounds great with 2 EMG 85s both wired to one vol knob.Both pickups are on all the time. Sounds great.I build a few of these guitars a year for the fun of it ,play them in my band for a while and maybe sell them, than build another.differant body shapes , but I stick with my headstock shape on all my guitars. Thanks for looking- Scott Angley :party07:
Outstanding guitar!  I love the shape of the body and headstock, they look great together.  Great job!
Nice build.  That headstock is cool.  The headstock reminds me of the Iceman body, I don't know why.
Sweet custom build!  I agree with max reminds me of a jagstang and a strat mixed.