Angled neck pocket...what angle?


I notice there are 2 optional neck for TOM bridges (big angle) and one for non recessed floyds (small angle)... does anyone know the actual angle of these two options? I'm asking, because I'm thinking about using a wraptail bridge that is fairly low profile, so it may not need the big angle, and perhaps the small angle would work, depending on what angle it is...

Or maybe to put it another way, what distance away from the body at the bridge will the strings be with each type of neck pocket (with a flat top body)?
Eh, the bridge would be as high as an ABR, so I guess the big angle is needed...still would like to know the values anyway...
The big angle is anywhere between 1.5 degrees to 3 degrees based on the carved top variance. Flat top for a tune-o-matic set up would be about 1.5 degrees.