angled neck pocket?... help

Can't remember if you have to ask for it or if they add this to the bill when you ask for a TOM bridge non-recessed... I would guess the 2nd option, but ain't sure... If you got the body, you'll be able to see, it's about 3 degrees, easy to see...
I had the same question, Warmoth told me there would be a symbol in the neck pocket (on a custom order)  to indicate that the pocket had the correct angle.    The LP I ordered for my son was missing it, but it showed on the invoice.  Warmoth assured me it had been done, and after assembly it was apparent that it had been.

I have a tele body routed for the non-recessed floyd and it has a symbol on the neck posket to say the neck pocket is angled.

If it was a showcase body, it should have the correct angle routed already and probably will not have a symbol in the neck pocket.

Can the sales folks at warmoth and they can help you out.


thanks for that i looked on the reciept and there is one part that says ANP so im going to assume that means angled neck pocket,

as far as the body goes i didnt notice anything on there it looks like it says L G*K  and below that it says 24 3/4 X 24