Amp problems


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So the amp I play is a Peavey Jack Daniels Classic 30 combo tube amp.  It's always had somewhat of a breathy hiss sound to it thats off and on - I always thought that was just the nature of tube amps as I've never really owned or used one extensively before.  And the breath of fire doesn't bother me too much cause it's not that obnoxious.  But now, all of the sudden, the amp is starting to make these crackling, popping noises - but it's only when I play the low Bb note on the sixth fret of the E string (it does this on both the Tele and the SG).  It doesn't pop upon striking the note, but after a couple of seconds of sustain, the amp begins to act like a popcorn machine, rapidly cracking for brief little stints.  Is this a sign of broken tubes?

One thing I should add...I tend to play with a very bassy tone.  I usually configure my amp with a mid scoop EQ, bass at 10, treble at around 6, and many times I will use a Keeley Blues Driver in front of my overdrive pedal - with the gain down and the volume all the way up - just to add a bit of low end and a little more balls...maybe this was too much bass response for the amp to handle?  So I unplugged my wah and my blue pedal and went straight into the amp, and it does the popcorn sound still, with both guitars.  I have no idea what is going on.
1.  Order some ProGold from

2.  Use that on all the preamp tube sockets, reinstall preamp tubes

3.  Do the same on the power tubes / rectifier (if its tube rectified)

Try the amp again.

If it still does that - you might try swapping power tubes - but - unless you've played it extensively at some decent volume, they're probably  ok

Try the speaker on another amp... maybe its got a buzz.

Try the amp with another speaker.

You get the idea.  Eliminate things as a source of problem.

Usually when tubes go - they'll fizzle and pop and such, all by themselves.

Preamp tubes last next to forever, no matter how hard ya push em - probably not an issue there.  Never say never though...