Am I screwed?


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So I was planning a build for the far off distant future (next year) and I came across this because I was looking at prices of the tune-omatic:

A neck pocket angle of 1-1/2 to 3 degrees is necessary for proper operation.We can rout the correct angle in the neck pocket for just $10.00.

So now I'm nervous because I didn't see the $10.00 price for this and I didn't include in on my $1300+ LP order. I ordered the TOM bridge and ordered the studs installed for the $10.00 extra - I had noticed that the neck pocket needs to be angled but I never saw that I had to specify it and pay ten extra (which would not have been a big deal at all if I had seen it). The sales guy had me confirm my order - did he forget this too? It's not on my list of parts and whatnot. I'm feeling dizzy now....  Would they make it without the angle, knowing that I'm getting that kind of bridge, because I failed to include it and they're doing it exactly how I said i wanted it? Should I start crying now?
LP carved top bodies come with an angle in the neck pocket automatically without an extra charge. You're all good!  :icon_thumright:
Thanks Gregg - for a minute I thought I was going to be sick. :binkybaby: :sad1:

But let me ask you, if I was say, ordering an SG with a TOM - and forget this, would the sales rep point it out to me?

I think on the "bridge routing options" page it should be made clear that you need to ask for this option for some guitars. My hair just got a little more grey because of this hahaha ;)
It might just be for the maniacs who fit TOMs to Teles and the like.  I'd expect an SG body to be ready for it.
Even when it's not "series option" the sales rep will ask you in the email, because he knows you can be fooled by the option list... this was what happend to me when I ordered...
I talked to Bob at Warmoth and he told me they do the correct angle for your bridge even if you forget to mention it. I just got nervous because no one ever mentioned it, and I have always had such bad luck with guitars I figured this would just figure.
The proper angle would be routed for whatever bridge routing you order. If you wanted NO bridge routing on a body custom order you would need to let them know.

You're all mad!

I always think the TOM bridge is the most classic example of Murphy's Law, because the evil people at Gibson allowed it to fit either way onto the posts, so if you drop it when the strings are off you can never remember which way round it went, and you're bound to guess wrong.  Normally the intonation screw heads face the neck, but not always...
Maybe I'm weird, but when I change strings - regardless of bridge - I do them one at a time, 1st through 6th, so this is never an issue.
For the non-receessed TOM and and other bridges that sit up high; carved top bodies come with the angle in the neck pocket automatically at no charge. Flat top bodies like the SG always have the $10 upcharge and needs to be spec'd as a line item on the order.

A Warmoth rep will always try their best to assist at the time of ordering but there will be the occational email back to you to clarify or remind.

Yeah, Jack you're weird.  :laughing7:  But not any weirder than the rest of us.    :laughing7:
jackthehack said:
Maybe I'm weird, but when I change strings - regardless of bridge - I do them one at a time, 1st through 6th, so this is never an issue.

That is good practice, although more important for acoustics where the soundboard actually warps and takes time to re-settle if string tension is completely removed.  However, sometimes you need to oil the fretboard, polish the frets or whatever, and they all have to come off.
My first guitar teacher taught me to change the strings one at a time.  This was on an acoustic of course.  I was really shocked the first time I saw someone take all the strings off a Strat and then TAKE THE NECK OFF!  :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Hehe, I'm sure changing all the strings at once is fine on an bolt-on electric and an acoustic can probably have it done many times with no ill effects.  Still, if you can avoid it you may as well... it should mean less frequent truss rod adjustments.
I've never had to readjust a Warmoth Pro neck after setup. and in 36 years with dozens of guitars I've only ever needed to get necks adjusted 3 times, 2 Gibson set necks, 1 Strat; all the result of subjecting the axes to extremes in temperature.