Alternative f/hole shapes

I'm in the deep end of middle age/geezer-dom, better add a P-hole.

In that case a
hole as well !
This is actually a neat idea. I'm not a huge fan of those Tele-style F-holes...too long and "squat" for my tastes. I like something a bit curvier, like you'd see on a Gretsch or stand-up bass.

Also, does Warmoth do binding on F-holes, to make them "pop" off the body? Or is that done with paint on Gretsch, Gibson, etc.?  ???

I don't know, I'm asking...
I think - think - Gretsch painted them.  Gibson has done it both ways, but the upper end - L5 and Super 400 are bound on the F hole.  Heritage binds the F holes.

BTW, you want an archtop?  Heritage makes some sweet sweet guitars.