So it's like this-I've been nursing a build since last November. I finally get the initiative to finish it, and gather all the hardware.
Well, not ALL the hardware. I'm missing a fricking tuner, just one. Can't find it anywhere, and that's all that's keeping me from finishing tonight. Dammit dammit.
You should find that tuner in the last place you look,

Sometimes I find it in the second to last place
the dust bunnies grabbed it!~~~~

On another note....

In a past life, I was adjusting the chain on my Sportster...  I had a little setup that I kept in the tool bag up under the headlight.  It was a 15/16 socket on 1/2 inch drive, shorty ratchet, two pieces of "cheater" bar for the rachet handle (a -CB- made thing), a 1/2 inch socket on 1/4 inch drive with ratchet, and a half inch box wrench.... (plus chain tool, other assorted oddities like spare plugs, plug socket, screwdrivers and oily rags....)

So I'm there in a parking lot... and the 1/2 inch socket had a way of coming off the ratchet... they do that sometimes, even the Craftsman stuff.  So the socket is there, the ractchet and I'm fiddling with things and.....

Down comes a large black bird - crow, raven, grebe... I dunno.. it was big and black, and not a buzzard.  It comes down, grabs the 1/2 inch socket in its beak and flies off into the yonder!  I'm sitting there yelling HEY HEY !!!  And its a bird, and I'm not totally screwed, but the damn thing stole my socket!~
Man,  I know the feeling, only it's like this...I have this sweet Thinline Tele sitting here all wired up, bridge installed, ferrules installed, pickguard installed, but I'll be damned if -CB- doesn't have me waiting a week in between applications of pure Tung Oil.  I mean the stuff looks dry, but there's this little voice inside telling me to follow that man's advice to the letter, and if he says wait a week in between, I'm waiting! 

edit:  I should note that the Tung is going on the neck that is supposed to mate with this here fully finished body!  :redflag:
Hey louie, I did a tung oil neck thanks to CB, I applied a new coat everyday, the damn thing turned out great, dont know what this week between coats is all about, I'm sure CB is laughing his ass off at your expense