Adjusting the height on a Wilkinson VSVG or Callaham


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I`m planning my next Warmoth guitar which is going to be a Strat.
I have doubts on which bridge to use.
My only Warmoth at the moment comes with a Wilkinson VS100 (the 2 points one) and I like the fact that it`s easy to adjust its height.
I would like to try a more vintage bridge and but wonder if in the VSVG or a Callaham the only way to adjust the bridge height is by adjusting the each saddle individually (not very practical...)
What about if once to mount the bridge you find it too high (by default) even if the saddles have been lowered to their lowest point?
Just a big concern before I place my order.

thanks in advance


Easy question.
1. Yes you adjust height individually on the vintage bridges.
2. I doubt you would find the action too high unless your guitar has an unusual setup. If that's the case you would need to shim the neck.
3. As a rule of thumb, people say the 6-screw style gives a better tone because of better connection to the body, but should be set flush (no pull ups) for best results. If you go up and down a lot, get the two hole.