Additional GOTM entry notes


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A few notes from this instance of the GOM hive mind:

Breaking the official rules:

Thanks to all of May's entrants so far for submitting correctly sized photos. If you send massive images this GOM will just downsize them anyway but another GOM might be strict and disqualify the entry.

Plain text! Please don't include formatting, non-standard characters etc. This will be lost anyway and might result in disqualification if it would create additional work.

Not explicitly stated in the rules, but relating to keeping within the spirit of the contest:

Instruments should be pictured complete and playable. For instance, one of May 2020's entries has something missing but has still been allowed in as this GOM is a big old softy but another GOM...

One photo per image file please, no collages of multiple photos.

Your text should be a list of the instrument's specification. Brief or detailed down to the type of pickguard screws, but just the spec please. It's great if you want to wax lyrical about how your axe plays like butter and sounds like angel's singing, but that belongs in your own build or gallery threads etc. Editorial or anything that reads like a sales pitch will not be used in the GOTM thread.

Please make it clear which components are Warmoth parts and who applied the finish.