Accept Paypal



For showcase, parts, accessory, and hardware orders. I'm begging you.
+1 for the paypal thing.  Definitely for the showcase stuff.  Might be a little more difficult for custom orders though.
jimh said:
+1 for the paypal thing.  Definitely for the showcase stuff.  Might be a little more difficult for custom orders though.

Yeah, I don't imagine they can do Paypal for custom orders, but it would probably be pretty easy to set up for the showcase.
I would think they could do PayPal for everything.  You send them the specs, they send you an invoice via email for the total and you make the PayPal payment to  If you don't send them the money they don't start working on the stuff.  If they wanted to get really fancy they could have a "click here to pay for this order via PayPal" link on the invoice email.

The Warmoth website is still somewhat behind the power curve in general for online sales, but if they wanted to, they could totally automate the pdf order form system they have going now and eliminate a lot of tedious manual steps.  I'm glad for the upates that they have made recently, though.  +1 for the Paypal.

I'll say this-- if they had PayPal for everything on the site I would be BUYING a LOT more Warmoth stuff...  The process of having to fill out the PDFs, print them and fax is so slow and laborious that I usually change my mind half way through and never send the order.  If they had PayPal on everything I would buy the things before I was able to talk myself out of it!!  It would be interesting to know how much they lose in sales annually just because the custom order process is slow.

In grocery stores they know that the way to get you to buy something is to get you to stop and look.  If you don't stop-- you go straight in and get what you need, you are way less likely to impulse buy.  So if Warmoth were to make their custom order system more impulse-buy-friendly I bet they would see significantly more custom orders.  Making a customer order nearly as fast as buying from the showcase should be a priority, I would think.  It would be a good thing for them and for the customer.

AND - you could sell your wife's stuff on ebay, keep the money in your paypal account, and then use it to buy potentiometers and tremolos and pickups and stuff!  No paper trail!!
I believe the sticking point in utilizing PayPal revolves around the fact that PayPal prohibits the direct addition of fees to cover what they charge the recepient of the $$$. For Warmoth, this would amount to a huge cost without any real benefit to their bottom line

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Lots of businesses from small local stores to large retailers (such as Musicians friend) accept Paypal with no issues. There must be a way to add the fees into the transaction, let's say in the shipping and handling amount.

The fees really shouldn't be a problem, don't credit card companies charge fees too?
I wouldn't mind splitting the fees with Warmoth. Using Paypal is convenient at times, and for me has made the difference between buying from W and buying elsewhere, especially hardware purchases.
I just made a hardware purchase on another site. When I made my choices, I was able to "add on" options such as black instead of chrome, different quantities, etc., all of which added to the base prices of the items. This site had no problems accepting Paypal. I really don't see why W can't. They missed out on a $300 hardware order from me. Maybe no big deal, but...