About headstock decals...


Hello all, I'm new here and I'm interested in buying a guitar (or at least everything I need to build my own) from here, and I had a quick question about headstock decals. First of all, does Warmoth do this sort of thing? Do they do custom ones or just the standard Warmoth logo?
As far as I know they just do a couple Warmoth logo decals, but I'm sure the rest of the guys on here could show you how to make your own or show you links to tons of sites that sell different kinds of decals.
Warmoth has 2 types of decals.  The standard turtle waterslide decal:

And the new, wicked awesome metal decal:
I cut and pasted this from a previous post:

Make your own.
You'll need your brain and the following:
Search the internet for the fonts you need. 
Use MS word to space and size the letters.
Get from micromark:
Laser Decal Paper
Setting Solution
Softening solution
Follow the directions.
For tru-oil I put down 4 coats, then carefully build up at least 4 more for a maple neck.

For less than $20, you can even make extra's for your friends.

FYI: Two of the Fender fonts are pretty close to Brush Script MT and Futura Book
Cool, Thank you much. I think I'll go for the metal one and then add my name in with the makeshift one.