A White Pearl Bound Black Satin Telecaster w/ Highly Figured Roasted Maple Neck

It's already burnished. Had to do that first so I could fret it. I can't find the pictures I took, though. I know I took a bunch, and I know a bunch of them came out terrible so I tossed 'em, but I can't believe I'd have tossed them all. Maybe they'll turn up later when I start updating the thread.
Hi guys, I'm the future beneficiary of this beauty.  :guitaristgif:

Thanks everyone for the nice comments, this is my first attempt at custom build, so I don't quite know what I'm doing.  :dontknow:

I'd like to correct Kevin about the saddles, they are in fact Rutters brass straight compensated saddles, not Gotoh.
They had the shiny new brass look but Kevin went through lot of trouble to age them, so that it blends better with rest of the hardware. In fact he made a thread here about trouble he had aging saddles and neck pickup cover.

Anyway, the build is well documented so I have little to add except about the idea of the extra pickup selector.
I like to use pickup volume pot to clean up the sound, typically for rhythm parts, and then turn the volume all the way up for the leads.
This works great with a good overdriven amp, but the problem is getting back quickly to volume you had for rhythm.
If I played rhythm at 6 and went to 10 for lead, getting back quickly to 6 can be tricky.

So the idea is to use LP switch to toggle bypass of volume&tone on currently selected pickup(s).
Basically, it allows me to toggle volume to full and back without missing a beat.

And I'll chime in with another pic of hardware Kevin sent me earlier, and I promise to post some clips when I get my hands on it.


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Rgand said:
Looks great, Kevin. Fine stuff. I like the way you put the shielded wire on that jack. My current project won't have a side jack but it's probably not the last one I'll do.

That methodology has nothing to do with it being a side jack. I do that with all jacks. I got surprised many years ago with noise injection that I didn't think could happen with the way the guitar was equipped/wired, and it turned out to be the run to the output jack. Since then I've seen it be the culprit in a number of other guitars, so here we are.

Noise pickup is insidious, so you gotta


Nip it! Nip it in the bud!