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I am getting prepared to start a project with Warmoth. I want to supply my own bloodwood slab for them to work with. I would like some suggestions as to what I need as far as the bass as a whole. So, neck, bridge, strings, circuit, pickups, and what all else. I need to make a budget for it so I know what I need. And as far as hardware goes, what color? Black, gold? Any fingerboard wood suggestions? I've never seen a bloodwood bass before and have no idea what colors work. I know I want to get a clear satin finish. Anyone have suggestions?
I did a 5-string fretless last year.


Depending on the sound you want, I would recommend Bartolini active pickups and preamp. The preamp comes as a completely wired setup (pre-wired pots and battery compartment), so assembly is as simple as soldering the pickups to the pots and screwing everything into place. The guys on this board, however, know about some serious boutique bass pickup companies that I've never heard of, so you may want to field some other recommendations.

As for hardware, I'm not much of a gold guy, I find that black looks a little bit more modern. It would definitely go well with bloodwood. If you can't find what you're looking for at Warmoth, Stew-Mac, etc., I've had luck with Ebay stores that seem to have good, unique hardware at reasonable prices. There are hundreds of bridge options depending on look, feel, functionality...you just gotta find what you like.

And a neck-----why not unfinished bloodwood with a nice, dark, stripey fretboard (pao ferro?) and a headstock finish to match the body? Have fun designing, it's one of the best parts of the build!
Suggestion: finish it with oil (just the body)...

What kind of bass are you planning? Bloodwood has a Ebony alike tone, so I would fear it getting to bright (and probably weighting a ton) with a all bloodwood bass...
I would think in another wood on neck back, as Wenge or Rosewood and a Bloodwood fingerboard and headstock veneer, if you want a all red bass...

For pickups, the boutiques are always a way to go (if you're going on the body/neck why not go at all?). Nordstrand and Bare Knuckle Pickups are the most commented here on boutique lines :) Nordstrand is more bass lines than anything, Bare Knuckle makes Precision and Jazz bass pickups (under order, there is no information on site yet, it's going to be updated...)
You have a picture of the slab so we can see the color of the Bloodwood? Would help on making hw recommendations....
So, some things I'm looking at:
Pickups: Q-Tuners BL-5 (Black)
Body type: Gecko-5 Bloodwood body, Clear Satin finish

For the neck, I'm looking at a smaller scale cause my fingers don't spread very far. Neck wood, not sure. I was thinking a pau ferro or ebony fretboard, fretless.
As for a pic of the slab, no. I haven't even ordered the slab yet. Just trying to figure things out before the project actually begins.
I mainly only want the body to be reddish. I only know of bloodwood and padauk. I'm looking at playing a low-style metal type of music, i.e. Disturbed. And I heard that denser woods tend to be what people look for. If I'm wrong, about this, let me know. BTW, about my bass weighing a ton, I was in the Army carrying 50 pounds of gear all day in Iraq, so weight isn't going to be an issue. As far as those Q-Tuner pickups, I've heard nothing but good things about them. So, if anybody has comments on those, I'd like to know as well. Keep 'em coming. Thanks.
You can get the body finished in trans red or dyed red, also get just a top from Bloodwood and the back from another wood...
Not sure why you should buy the wood from another seller, I would do it just in very very especific (like a 18A Spalted maple, which has a extreme variation in colors and figuring) figuring or woods that warmoth doesn't carry... Bloodwood or Padouk they got it, with nice quality and dried...

The Disturbed looks uses MM 5 strings...
*I* would get a mahogany body with Bloodwood or Padouk top, wenge or rosewood with Ebony fingerboard with a bloodwood veneer on headstock, black hardware...

Not sure if that pickup will fit the routes from Warmoth:

You'd better enter in contact with the Q-Tuner and warmoth, asking if his pickups is the same size of any of these on the list...
Ah, I found an MTD bass with a bloodwood top.


As far as pickups go, Warmoth told me if I supply the dimensions of the pickups, it'll be fine.