A first time builders Half-Warmoth

Nick Ellingworth

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Right since I've finally got around to remembering to take some decent pictures and managed to get some clips recorded I thought I might as well finally write a post about my half-warmoth strat here.

As the title suggests this was my first proper build after a few upgrades to guitars over the years. So here's the specs:

Swamp Ash strat style body originally made for Roye Albrighton of Nektar by former Stew-Mac employee Tom Hirst
Vintage tint finish by Tom although he calls it a "blonde." :-\
Top routed for 3 single coils
Wilkinson Trem rout

Warmoth Pro Strat style
Standard Thin contour
Pau Ferro back with Pau Ferro fretboard
mother of pearl fret indicators
SS6105 Frets
Graphite nut
Gotoh tuners
can't remember nut width  :doh:

Wilkinson VS50

Fender Tex Mex pickups
5 way switch
1 Volume control
2 Tone controls



Sorry about the brightness of the second pic I did the best I could with my awful camera and irfanview.

I've got got 3 soundclips for your "pleasure,"  that I'll attach later (I've been trying to post this thread and every attempt with attachments has failed) or simply add to my myspace page/offer for download in other ways. The first is an idea I've been working on for a couple of days as the title suggests the effects I'm using are delay and chorus, the delay is provided by a Boss DD-3 and the chorus is my amps on board DSP one as I can't get what I need from my Danelectro Coolcat. the second is somewhat heavier powerchord thing still with the delay but I've got rid of the chorus and added my Line 6 Uber Metal in insane mode to the mix. The final recording is an ebow piece with delay added for good measure.

As you can no doubt tell I like delay effects, they hide my crap playing. ;)

EDIT: ok tried to post a reply with a single attachment that's a no go, I'll upload them to a file server and post download links.

EDIT2: here's the links:

Delaychorus idea


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I really like this one!
I just love the looks of dark exotic woods with an amber-ish colored body!

Nick Ellingworth

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Thanks chaps, nice to know that someone other than myself likes the guitar, to be honest when I first put it together I wasn't all that thrilled with the look but it's grown on me.


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Honestly, the guitar doesn't do much for me, but I do like how clean it all looks as a whole.

It sounds fantastic though, I really like the first and third clips.  :icon_thumright:

Mor Paul

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Markoooooo said:
I really like this one!
I just love the looks of dark exotic woods with an amber-ish colored body!
It does look like yours a bit

And I like it!