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Today is a great day.  Just as the crystal ball of Quantam View had predicted, the final piece of the puzzle that is my first Warmoth build arrived today, and unharmed (thank you Ups, may I have another?).  I had to wait for the kids to go to bed, but I did it.  I finished my first build.  I know, I know,  the pics will be following in the next few days, my mother is using my camera at the moment.  I did want to relay these few things....Warmoth is the greatest, their parts are incredible and I can't believe the overall quality here.  Everything is gorgeous and it all fit together like it should.  CB's tip on installing the tuner inserts is spot on, worked like a charm.  Superbeasts tip on installing ferrules,  Ditto. (that one is pretty far back in the tips and tricks postings, but if you're building a hardtail look it up).  I did all my soldering with an eighteen dollar, twenty-five watt Weller, and it did the trick, looks good too, if I say so myself.  The last thing is this...if you are building a hardtail strat, beware the bridge ground wire, it's the only thing that gave me any trouble, but I got it worked out.  If you are handy in the least little bit, and you take your time and do a little research, you can build a guitar.  Thanks to everyone here for any and all insights, PICS WILL BE COMING.
Now I have got to go play this thing.....................
Hey man! Congrats!
I've read what you said about this guitar, that you have to wait a long time, etc...
But now you could do it! It's very nice, very nice in deed! :)
Congratulations for the patience and the will to do it!

Fernando Esteves
Guitlouie, you know whats so cool about your post?  You have been here on this forum long enough for a few hundred posts, you have seen other peoples builds and heard their excitement and praise of the Warmoth parts.

So for you, after all your time here, to be surprised and excited about your parts , is way cool. Congrats. 

Your post captures the excited kid in you that we all went through the first time, and second, and......
Thank you guys, and this weekend you will get your pics.  One thing that I want to add after playing this thing for a few days...When I got my Gibson seven years ago, the thing sounded phenomenal right out of the box, but there were some playability issues, which over the intervening years have begun to mellow and age, and I love it now, but my brand new, just slapped together Warmoth plays like I want it to alreday.  I think that calls for another "hats off" to the folks up there in Puyallup.
Ok, I'm retarded, but somehow managed to post a few pics in Strat......................