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Hello Everyone,

  This is my first post. First a quick intro...I have been playing guitar for 24 years and I play left-handed. I also play bass and keyboard.
I have dreamt of custom building a guitar "from the ground up" according to my "specs" for years. Now I may take the plunge. As you other lefties well know, the guitar marketplace is rather unfriendly toward us. Most of the big companies like Fender and Gibson build some lefties but not many. A few companies are very friendly like Warmoth and Carvin. Anyway, I have a couple of questions before I order. Thanks in advance for any and all help you guys and gals offer. I am considering building a semi-hollow Les Paul or Les Paul with double cut away ("LPS") modeled after Rik Emmett's guitar. (Rik Emmett is or was the lead guitar player for Triumph and the axe in question is a Framus Jan Akkerman Signature Model. Jan Akkerman was the lead guitarist for Focus.) This guitar can be seen and heard on the "Triumph Live at the US Festival" DVD. (Rockin DVD, BTW  :headbang:  :party07:) Now before I get carried away, here are the questions: 1) Does Warmoth build to order? In other words, can I order my axe TOTALLY built so I can play it straight out of the box? I assume this can be done given the wide variety of options available on the Warmoth website. 2) If they can custom build to order, how long can I expect to wait and how much will it cost? I realize this all depends on how much I have Warmoth do the guitar and how many orders are ahead of mine. But on average, how much time and $$$ will it take?  3) I don't see cases offered on Warmoth.com, How my completed will axe be shipped to me?  4) Next, Warmoth does not offer the pickups I want. I was wanting DiMarzio Air Classic Pick-ups. Will Warmoth build my axe to order minus the pickups I want or can Warmoth install the ones I want for a "nominal" fee? I know a great local custom shop that can do this for me so its not a big deal.  5) Rik Emmett's axe features what I believe to be a Schaller 456 bridge. Schaller has a good reputation for making quality products, but I know nothing about this bridge. How is it? I looks like a good one. Should I install a "LP" type bridge and stop tail piece instead? Thanks again everyone!  :eek:ccasion14:  :glasses10:

Warmoth does not assemble your guitar/bass, as they sell 'replacement' parts - this is either done by you, or you have a builder do it for you. if you choose to go with a builder, note that Warmoth will ship you your parts and then you will need to ship them to your builder ... unless you have the builder do all of the purchasing for you (and this usually = added $$$ to the cost)

it sounds like you need to make use of the local custom shop you note in topic 4

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But the guitar is sent otherwise "finished" just in pieces?  By "finished" I mean the guitar is sent to me with the paint or dye etc. I order on the body and neck?
In answer to that last question, yes. You can order the body and neck finished from items available on the Showcase, or call them and specify what finishing options you want for a custom order.

Finished bodies/necks are shipped wrapped in thin foam packaging inside the boxing, and I've never had any issues.

You can figure the cost to some extent by adding the custom order pricing for a body, for example, and adding the finishing pricing. If you want to combine finishes (example: different finish on laminate top than back of body) use the cost of the more expensive finish.

I think current build time on custom orders is running 6-8 weeks, but that can vary a bit based on the wood/finish options you choose and workload.

Just give them a call  and they're always happy to help, can can give exact pricing and most current lead time info