80mm fans to cool rack case?


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I just bought a 2-rackspace amp for a really good price:
SRW SM 500
They have a reputation of running hot. I have a 4-space SKB case, and I want to use one space for a power supply. I will need to mount a couple of fans inside the case for cooling. The direct AC-powered fans I've found are all 120mm, and it would work better for me to use the computer-sized 80mm fans. However, they all seem to be "3-pin" or "4-pin" powered. I have been searching my brains out trying to figure out a... what? AC to 3-pin power supply? Or something? It occurred to me that somebody may have already figured this all out, and can just point me at the stuff.
I've been using 80mm rack fans in my rack rigs for years. You can get one that is two-wire from about any electronics supplier. I use a 12V fan, and power it with a transformer in the rack (which also supplies power to the midi-control pedal). I mount the fan in a way that i can leave the rack lid on the back, so it forces the fan to draw through the amp (I'm using a Marshall EL84 tube amp). The amp stays very cool with this setup...normally an amp that runs pretty hot.