7 string graphite nut - where do I get one?


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Hey guys, I need your help.  I just ordered my second Warmoth 7 string neck and body.  This time, I'm going with a fixed bridge set-up.  I want a Graphtec nut, but Warmoth only offers the Floyd or Corian nut for the Super 7 neck.  Warmoth will go ahead and prep the nut slot (Gibson dimensions.) I just need to find a nut somewhere and have a luthier install it. My neck width is 1 7/8".  Fingerboard is 10" / 16" compound radius. What place(s) can I shop at for a pre-slotted graphite nut for a 7 string?  Thanks! 

You'll have to contact them to get the dimensions, but it's a start.

i think i might not be the right size, but its graphtechs only one for 7 strings.