7/8 question scale etc.


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Hey guys,

I have a guitar body (fender toronado) that is a 24.75" scale.

Since the warmoth 7/8 neck is 24.75" scale, will it work & intonate properly? Google answers are a bit convoluted on this subject.



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I doubt you will get an exact answer unless someone has actually done it.  AFAIK, the 7/8 necks are not designed for any specific Fender spacing, as the neck dimensions originated from the strat style 25.5" neck blank with an overhang for 22 frets.  You may be lucky if it is close enough to work on the Tornado.  Personally I have done a similar 7/8 neck swap on a Mustang guitar and the bridge location was close but was not an exact match.

The only thing I can suggest to check the layout of the body is to print out the 7/8 strat pickguard pdf file and overlay it on the Tornado.  It allows you to check if the position of the bridge looks approximately ok or not.   


When you install the neck its will require adjustment of the saddles, but its impossible to guarantee if it will be workable or not.



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I would say no it will not work as the neck pocket will be positioned in a different place along the scale length. Recent Toronado releases have 22 frets a Warmoth 7/8 neck is a 24 fret neck based on a 25.5" blank.

The pickguard print out should confirm things. A difference of two frets displacement is not adjustable via saddles.