59 Roundback vs Wolfgang neck profile


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I have a neck with a Wolfgang profile, along with 2 Standard Thins.  I find I like the Wolfie considerably more.

I'm putting together some ideas for the next project and am contemplating the 59 Roundback for the neck.  Just not sure if it's going to be too big.  I wear a size L or XL glove depending on make with average length fingers.

Anyone with experience on both profiles and how do they compare?

For users of the 59, what size nut width do you use?

I have both profiles and love them both.  The only way you'll know for sure is to try them.  You shouldn't have any problems. 

As for nut width depending on what I'm playing I use the supersize or 1 3/4.  Anything smaller my fingers don't fit.  Again you have to experiment to see what you like. 
Myself I have 59s and Boatnecks. I also wear a XL glove. I like either with a 1 11/16 nut width. I can play smaller profile necks, but prefer larger profiles as it helps to negate the focal dystonia I deal with.

Yes, I can still easily wrap a thumb over the E, for the low F# on an open D/F# on the boatneck at 1 11/16