500k vs. 1 meg


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My current project is a alder lamtop strat with 2 direct mounted HB's, a volume knob and a 5 way super switch. (duncan JB/Jazz)

I ordered some volume pots from Torres Eng.  They had 500k and 1 MEG pots.  I ordered one of each.  I'm pretty much a green pea when it comes to wireing.

Obviously I'll try both but does anyone have pro's and cons of the 1 MEG pot? 
this is what the experts say i agree with it the 1meg pot will kinda be harsh and the  500 will be alot warmer  ive tried 250 500 1meg hers a link i stole off another forum Either 250K or 500K pots can be used with any passive pickups however the pot values will affect tone slightly. The rule is: Using higher value pots (500K) will give the guitar a brighter sound and lower value pots (250K) will give the guitar a slightly warmer sound. This is because higher value pots put less of a load on the pickups which prevents treble frequencies from "bleeding" to ground through the pot and being lost. For this reason, guitars with humbuckers like Les Pauls use 500K pots to retain more highs for a slightly brighter tone and guitars with single coils like Stratocasters and Telecasters use 250K pots to add some warmth by slightly reducing the highs. You can also fine tune the sound by changing the pot values regardless of what pot value the guitar originally had. thanks kayle

you mentioned Torres, are you by chance using one or more of his pick ups?