3 humbuckers and 6 way rotary switch


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I would like to use a 6 way rotary switch to wire 3 humbuckers.  The options I would like are as follows:

1. Bridge
2. Bridge/Middle both coil split
3. Middle
4. Neck/Middle both coil split
5. Neck/Middle NO coil split
6. Neck

I would like to use 2 push/pull pots to switch between series and parallel when using the Bridge or Neck by itself.  The two push/pulls pots would be the volume and tone.  I would be will to eliminate the tone pot and use another rotary switch if that is possible and would give me more options like using the pickups out of phase.  One of my goals here is to eliminate the use of a blade switch on my Strat because I hit it a lot.

Does anyone have any ideas?  Has anyone wired 3 humbuckers using a 6 way rotary switch?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
This is pretty ambitious but it can definitely be done.

If you know a thing or two about electronics, this site will help you work out the wiring for this.  http://www.1728.com/indexfun.htm

If you can't figure it out we can help.  I'll scratch my head and go through several sheets of paper and cups of coffee and curse a bit.  Meanwhile, -CB- will write an detailed essay on the ten best ways to do it... while asleep.  :)
Thanx for the link.  I will try and digest some of it before I hit the sack, then go over it again tomorrow.  I will prolly do a bit of cursing myself.  Thanx again!