2v/2t/3w push/pull series/parallel help


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Hey, can anybody help me with a diagram for wiring a 2 independent volume 2 tone 3 way switch guitar with 2 push/pull pots to switch between in series and parallel for each pickup. Is this even possible? Help would be much appreciated
I came across that site long ago, at the beginning of my searching. It has series/coil splitting, but Im looking for series/parallel in phase. Thanks though
Those diagrams aren't the best, plus that one includes coil splitting too, which I don't want to deal with. C'mon people give me something I can work with. At this point, Id even take some kind of microsoft paint drawn diagram from someone, if it would work
make your own diagram. seymour duncan pickups come with a little sheet that shows the series parrallel stuff. just insert that diagram in between the p/u and the volume pot. ie wire the pups strait to the switches on the pot useing the diagram on the card. then take the wire labled hot or to switch or to output or whatever they call it are run it to the pot. from there on it's on diferent than a standard lp wireing. real easy. if you want truely independent volumes i.e. turning down one volume in the #2 position doesn't kill both pickups just swap the wires to the 1st and 2nd posts on the volume pots.
make your own diagram.

That's the best advice. Sometimes you have to combine bits of one drawing with bits from another.
Start with this drawing:

EXCEPT - on the six lugs of the push/pull switches, you want to substitute in the wiring for series/parallel instead of tapping FOR EACH PICKUP, from this diagram:

I tend to wire directionally (pickup -> x -> x -> output) to keep myself on track, as DiMitri says in this case it means wiring the six lugs first. Sometimes for practical reasons you have to connect things out of order, if it's confusing it's easiest to carefully re-make one single drawing with only the wiring you're actually going to need pictured.

Seymour Duncan has their own pickup wire color scheme, as do each of the other companies - it's almost like they're trying to be perverse. No, they ARE trying to be perverse.  :evil4: However, you can convert any one color plan to another with this:

For me it's a lot easier to be careful and write out the color conversions initially than try to do it in my head as I'm soldering - I know my limits. If you do it all wrong and have to backtrack, besides the waste of time you'll be really mad and you won't have a guitar to strangle and howl with.  :party07:

P.S. (Here's another color code list: http://www.stewmac.com/freeinfo/Electronics/Color_codes.html. I've found it agrees with the first one, but you can check your individual pickups too).

P.S.S. ( Here's two more sources of diagrams: http://www.tdpri.com/resources.htm  XXX  http://www.guitar-mod.com/rg_diagrams.html XXX  If you go through and bookmark the parent directories of all of the above into a single folder - Stew-Mac, Seymour Duncan, Guitar Electronics, Rothstein, also DiMarzio and Ibanez have diagrams - you'll know all you need to. http://www.ibanez.com/support/wiringdiagrams.aspx XXX DiMarzio you have to select a pickup model and then go on - http://www.dimarzio.com/ )
Stubbhead and dimitree, just gave the best advice

Anyone building guitars should be able to sit down and sketch out their own guitar circuits. Sd is a good place to look at schematics, study them a bit and understand how they work,

you need to break the circuit down into a few parts, volume, tone and switching,

Volume and Tone circuits don't change much, Switching can be real simple . or real complex, You just gotta take the time and think it through
Here's yet another color code diagram, maybe the easiest "translator" yet:

You just redraw whatever diagram you copped, and write in your own pickup's correct colors. You can even print out a diagram from the net using the "print in greyscale" option found in the print command's "properties" section - it all come out black and white, so you get no starting colors to confuse things.  :blob7: