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I, umm, uh... urp! :blob7:
As far as I can tell, this looks like a cheaper version of something like a Warr guitar. Those are "touch guitars." They're played by tapping the strings to the frets with both hands instead of picking. Like a Chapman stick. Trey Gunn, formerly of King Crimson, only uses Warr guitars. Youtube. Go.
Imagine auditioning a bass player and seeing him pull that thing out of his case.  :tard:  :confused4:
The ebay ad states "ideal bass for the average to advance (sic) player". They're also selling this gem. I'd love to see a four piece combo rocking out these instruments. They'd have to be pretty buff to even strap these on. Classic.


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Didn't Granny Clampett use to jam out on one of those using a feather as a pick?

I think it might be a little neck heavy.  I wonder how big of a piece of wood you'd have to put under your left foot to make CB's target shooters trick work.

That's insane.  I've seen bass virtuosos use 8 or 9 string basses but 15?!  That's the same seller that made the mandolin/7-string guitar doubleneck I posted a while back.
just as useless as this

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but just as fun!

All you have to do to post videos here is put the link to the video in the post and it will embed it for you automatically. That's why your vid showed up 3 times...  I use the same mod on another SMF board.
After looking at that thing, I had to seek the antidote. Damn, I seriously miss this band.