27" scale baritone necks


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I know this isn't likely to happen anytime soon, but I'd love to see 27" baritone necks. I while back I bought a Warmoth 28 5/8 baritone neck and found the scale length to be too long for tuning B-B (I'm sure they'd work better with lower tunings).

More recently I bought I Squier 27" baritone and love it! Lot's of fun to play with B-B tuning, but I which it could have Warmoth quality and customization.
What string gauge are you using? I've tuned em to standard before.  It's only two extra frets for a given string gauge.
Basically if you start with 25.5" - one fret longer is equal to one lower string gauge is equal to half a step looser.
Pick your combination. If you normally play 9-42 on 25.5, you can play 9-42 tuned D-d' at the same tension, or 12's tuned B-b' at the same tension. I've tuned 13's E-f' on 25.5, so anything 10-13 should work for B-b' tuning depending on your preferences.
I believe I was using the Daddario "baritone" .13-.62 set. It didn't occur to me at the time to try .12s, but that would make sense.