24-fret G4 bass please! : )


A few years ago, I customized my old Fender Jazz with the 24-fret extension neck from Warmoth.  It played well, I enjoyed the two-octave range of each string, although it was kind of a pain to reach frets 22-24.  These days, I am playing an American Tobias Growler 4 - string.  I love everything about it, but I want to expand my arsenal.  The only options I have in the category of American - made 24-fret basses are exorbitantly priced.  I have heard only excellent things about the Gecko 5 and 6 strings (price, playability, design), plus I would love to put a bass together myself.  I would really like :party07: to see a G4 bass built to accomodate it's own 24-fret neck (not the Fender extension neck).