21 Year old Floyd Rose no good .


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I must be crazy for trying to use a 21 year old Floyd Rose.

Can't use this one with a recessed route, the sustain block is too long and sticking out the back of the body.

I can't win!!!!!
The sustain block on the new ones is 37mm or 1.48"
The old sustain block is 43mm or 1.48"
Alfang said:
Crappy. I see you have good math skills too :laughing7:

I'm telling you it's a defected ruler :toothy12:
I was too pissed off. It looks great from the front

43mm is 1.72"

I was just trying to save some money, the old one looks and feels like it made better.
Many people cut the sustain block so it fits into the guitar you want to use it. If the tremolo is in working condition, it doesn't matter how old it is.
I noticed the block stuck out the back on the body when I tried to put my Schaller on my Washburn as a temporary setup while saving for my body.
As I played with it and was doing the setup the base plate was rubbing the sides of the route.
I took it out and tried to match it up with the new one on my black strat and it just a bigger setup
I just don't feel like hacking up the body or hack up a good Floyd to make it fit and work. So I'll just pick up a new one