2 vol, 2 tone, 2 humbucker, 5-way?


I can't find a diagram for a 2 humbucker setup with a 5-way lever switch
1. Bridge 2. Outer Coils Parallel 3. Both 4. Inner Coils Parallel 5. Neck
with a volume and tone for EACH pickup.
I am also getting confused comparing different versions of the setup with just 1 vol and tone. (I'm an absolute beginner at guitar wiring.)

I'll very likely be going with DiMarzio pups and switch so if I posted an altered picture of this:
(with room made for alterations) is there someone nice enough to paint shop the wiring? I'd be using concentric pots if that makes any difference.
Would it be too much to ask?
It would be greatly appreciated and make me feel a lot better about my Warmoth project. Soldering I can do, confidently coming up with a new wiring scheme... not so much....

Any help or links to information would be great.
The trick is the switch.  Your basic 5 way strat one won't do it.

What you need is something like this.  It's still a 5 way, but set up to get what you're looking for.

Note on that switch, it works well, but doesn't line up well if using a Warmoth rear routed body...
You were probably talking about the Megaswitch so I'll assume that.
Anyone know if the Dimarzio switch will fit alright?
CurtisB said:
The DiMarzio switch (EP1112) or the Megaswitch won't line up, jack?

Megaswitches, I used one and it was just off enough that it couldn't be tightened all the way down so the switch was fully seated and the tip all the way through the slot, plus the screw machining is different from std. pickup/switch screws.To mount one with black screws I needed to drill out the screwholes, run the black screws through pickup springs and use a washer & nut to mount it in a rear route. Works, but didn't foresee this when ordering...