2 tone ready for the final set up


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Finally!  I got this thing finished and ready to ship off for the final set up.  This is really for the vintage crowd.  It is a pretty accurate vintage
2-tone sunburst.  I have Vintage 54 saddles and baklite covers on the pickups.  It has Fralins that I get from Callaham after he cryogenically freezes them.  I was going to put vintage pots and caps in it but chose to give the RS Guitarworks stuff a try.  I"ll let you know how they do.
It is getting a bone nut on a 1 5/8 total vintage "59" roundback with some great birdseye.  It will be set  up with 12 thru 54 guage strings and  tuned down 1/2 step.  I sure hope this thing sounds as good as it looks.


Nice burst.

Those strings are pretty thick, do you usually play with ones that thick? I know a lot of people use thicker guages, but I just switched back to 9s from 10s and it feels so much better. Billy Gibbons uses 8s I think and has huge tone.