1st post! Hello everyone!


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Yo! Here is my first post! I've owned a 5 string Gecko since 2004 and I love it! It has a Koa body, Duncan Musicman 5 pup and active pre-amp, Maple neck and Pau Ferro fretboard. All painted black, all black hardware. It's strung up with Roto-Sounds. I play it through an Ampeg B2r and a Trace-Elliot 4X10 (the old one with the red stripe). I am primarily a guitar player, so I got the bass to play in a particular band while I was in college. Of course I still have the bass today and love it just as much as on day 1.

I wanted to post here in the general discussion section because I don't have a particular issue or question on my mind at this time. I mainly wanted to post already! I hope to have a great experience with you fellow Warmoth fans. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of the Gecko now, but I do have a pic of my "live 4" and my acoustics. I hope the pic works...

Glad to be here!

Welcome to the boards!   :eek:ccasion14:

Nice family portrait!  All of us here really love pics, so please feel free to post some shots and specs of that gecko in the completed Warmoth project section.

BTW, is that Dali in the background?
Thanks for the reply! Sure enough that's "Swans Reflecting Elephants"
Good spot...
I'm getting some overly dramatic Gecko pics for the board...oh the magic of 1.3 megapixels!
I love Pau Ferro. I love the tone and i love feel. One day I am building my ultimate Warmoth, and it will have a Pau Fero fingerboard.
By the way, its customary for all the new people to send me 5 dollars. PM me for my address.