1st build/need Jackson Soloist neck specs


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I'm getting ready to start building my first guitar. I've been playing for 30 years (yeesh!) and have a long mechanical background, so I feel pretty confident. What I'm looking for, first and foremost is the Warmoth neck that most closely emulates my 1986 USA Jackson Soloist. It's my favorite guitar neck, by far. Beyond the obvious (wide ebony fingerboard, shark fin inlays, fully bound, maple construction) I don't know the other specs to fill out on the order form. Fret wire, nut width (I could measure that, but if somebody knows it?) radius and all that stuff. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

mine is 1 3/4" at the nut, straight 16 radius, 6100 frets and wizard contour. i much prefer 1 11/16", warmoth compound radius, 6115 ss frets and standard thin contour, but thats me in my post pointy guitar phase. my soloist is a 1989 usa with an original floyd rose. i would for sure measure the nut width they do vary if you have a floyd or a kahler trem, i think the kahlers were 1 11/16th.
Thanks so much for the info. I'm kind of a big guy with long fingers, so it seems like the wider the neck and bigger the frets, the better the guitar feels to me. My Soloist has the Floyd Rose. I adore the guitar and it's still nearly mint condition, but it's been 20 years since I've bought a new one. Kids, careers, bla, bla. I just think it'd be great to build one.

One more pending question I have with this project, If you don't mind me tapping into you guys' wealth of knowledge? I want the Jackson-esque neck, but I'm planning my own outside radius body design. I know I can buy a pre-routed body blank from Warmoth. But it's not clear to me whether they will route those for the Variax 500 electronics? I apologize in advance for all the questions, but I'm starting to get really excited about this project. And again, thanks in advance!
I read somewhere in this here forum that they do the Variax 300 and 500, but not the 700.  I think it is in a post under body woods that has Variax in the title of the post. 
I understand that they do the Variax routing with "their" bodies, but it doesn't look like they'll do it on a body blank. I hope I'm wrong!
Finally got my question answered from Warmoth regarding Variax routing on a body blank. Nope. Undaunted, I will contact a machinist friend who I think can help me here.

However, other than the neck route on a body blank, is there any reason I shouldn't just buy my body wood from a hardwood store locally instead of Warmoth? Does aging or any other advantage Warmoth might provide apply here?

Warmoth will remain my "go to" provider for the neck, but I seem to be running out of reasons for their involvement in the body.