1994 PRS Custom 22 Stoptail w/ 10-top & Dragon I pickups


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$2000 OBO shipped UPS.

It pains me to do this, but medical forecasting is driving the need to sell this. This is the most incredible guitar I’ve ever had in my possession and having to sell it is heartbreaking. I literally hate having to do this, but it’s family first.

This is a rare 1994 Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Stoptail with 10-top in vintage sunburst. Untouched with factory Dragon 1 Pickups and hardshell case in near mint condition. These pickups are the most well regarded PRS pickups and are highly sought after on the used market.

Paul moved into a larger and more deeply automated factory around 1995. I happen to think the earlier guitars were nicer due to the greater hands-on attention they received during their production cycles

Neck appears to be the wide fat carve.  It’s total Goldilocks. Not too fat. Not too thin. Just right and feel like a broken in 59 roundback.

The guitar is in great shape, with only light swirls here and there and a few dings and very minor chips around the binding which can only be seen at shallow angles. This is a guitar that was mostly stored in its case, which itself is in mint condition.

Frets are in really good shape with some light wear near the cowboy end of the fretboard with plenty of life left.

The action is set up with elixir 10’s and is low with no buzzing or fretting out on large bends. Holds pitch like a beast.

The maple top is gorgeous and the back is a one-piece mahogany plank with some nice figuring. This does not have the cloudy paint issue that some others have suffered due to the base coat and clear delaminating. The finish is excellent and will remain so for the life of this instrument. The guitar weighs under 7lbs IIRC and is very resonant and lively under the fingers.

There are only two cosmetic issues I feel must be highlighted:

1. A few light scratches on the bass side of the neck that aren’t really apparent under the hand. Difficult to see in most lighting.

2. A repaired finish chip on the headstock. When these guitars reach this age, the pointy bits of the headstock are usually showing exposed wood. I think the repair was well done and blends well.

No buckle rash or abuse. No tampering with electronics. All original solder joints and electronics. No noises or issues.









Dark spot is chip repair



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Ooof, Frank, I'm sorry to hear you have to let go of that beauty.  I wish I could take her off your hands but I'm at the very beginning of starting a business and have no cash to spare.  I hope the medical costs you foresee are ultimately manageable and that favorable outcomes are in store for your family, who, as you note, are the very most important consideration.  Best of luck.