1959 Telecaster Custom Double Bound triple burst build


Does anyone know if I can order tele here w/binding burst and get close to the real thing looks wise?59_tele-custom_3.jpg
I was going to buy a Fender Custom Shop NOS 1959 Custom Telecaster and found out at the last minute the Nitro finish is flash coat and wears super easy plus they are orange peeled? A bummer
Looks like you want to order a vintage-style Tele body with front and back binding, in two-piece Alder, with the three-color burst. Be advised, however, that the burst you see on your sample is faded from its original brilliance, and the job Warmoth does will have a much more pronounced red.

Alternatively, you could have Warmoth build the body, and then go to a separate provider for your paintjob, if matching the vintage fade is your preferernce.
I've been trying to find someone to Nitro it. Lays can do it. Came up empty pretty much everywhere else. Others can't seem to get the burst right etc. Here's what the NOS I almost bought looked like. Yes the red is more pronounced and what I'd like.
I had one of those made for myself. It was finished by the forum member Tonar.
However - not sure if Tonar is still active.
In any case, here is my telecaster (along with a bonus LP JR):
IMG_2644 copy 2.jpg
If you send a PM to Tonar's account, I think he still gets email notifications. I believe he is still doing custom paint work as a retirement hobby.
I just PM'd him. Also came across a builder Huffman Custom Guitars in KY. Looks like he does good work.
Still haven't heard back from Lay's other than a Blonde finish is $370. I believe they do color in urethane and Nitro Clear? When I build my Partcaster Strat three years ago there were so many choices. I'm guessing many disappeared after COVID.