0th frets?

triple jim

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I have a couple headless guitars with zero frets. They're OK, but if you bend notes near the nut, the strings move around and don't quite come back to where they were. The problem is that the support for the string spacing is 1/2 an inch from the zero fret. If you have the setup that has a nut just behind the zero fret it would probably prevent that, or at least minimize it.


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They are probably less popular as you still need a nut to guide the strings in addition to a zero fret, so more to manufacture.

You could get a neck without a nut and fit a Zero glide nut. Here is a link to StewMac but they are widely available from other retailers.

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if you do go with the zero glide, get the stainless frets and the string will slide back better, you will over time wear a grove in the fret. it does liven up the tone.

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I have 5 instruments with a zero fret. All are acoustic except for 1. I find they work quite well. While potentially more work to create, it decreases time for set up. The nut only addresses string spacing an alignment. The zero fret, while leveled with all the other frets (so same process) takes care of the break over.

For the record (FTR), Goldtone uses zero frets. I have 4 of theirs. Brian May guitars also uses zero frets (and its one of my go to electrics)