Ziricote fretboard...


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I'm about to buy my first strat from Warmoth. My plan is to have a vintage white strat with a flame maple neck and ziricote fretboard. It sounds like ziricote is a pretty nice sounding and feeling wood, but i'm wondering if anyone has a set up like this...with regards to the colors. The pictures help a little bit, but it's a big investment buying a guitar without fully knowing what it will look like when it's finished.

What do you guys think. In your opinion, will the colors go well together?
if I weigh this against all of the Ziricote I've used in the past, I believe the color tones on the Ziricote would go better with a white that doesn't have the yellow tones to it.

just my $.02 AUD on the subject

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Thanks, I'll definitely take that into consideration. There used to be a really nice piece of ziricote in the custom piece section, that was dark and really nicely marked but it's not listed anymore. It seems to me that the darker it is the better, since lighter pieces don't seem to go too well.