Your Song - Cover


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Honestly, I wasn't that much impressed when my duo partner suggested "Your Song" from Elton John for a new cover tune.

For the sake of him, I agreed to develop a song arrangement with a bit more of our own flavor.

What shall I say: the more I dealt with the chord progression and some own ideas, this tune started to be "mine" and that typical creation process started to happen ...

The beat is approx. 10 bpm slower than the original. that is quite slow. But we feel pretty comfortable with that tempo.
Al Jarreau did a cover version in the late 70s of this song too (on his Glow album). We picked up a few elements of that cover too, well aware that Al Jarreau is a league of his own.

I recorded the arrangements for the Bass, the drums and various key tracks (E-piano, A-piano, strings, trumpet) with a midi-keyboard at home inside Cubase 10 (Artist). The acoustic and electric guitars and the vocals were recorded in our rehearsal room.

Although I like my James Tyler Variax Modelling guitar for acoustic parts, I started to record the acoustic parts with a Godin seagull acoustic guitar. Well, for live performances that Modelling guitar is quite okay and handy. But a miked recording with that Godin acoustic guitar sounds just warmer to me. What do you think ?

There is also an 8 bar outro solo, which I have played on Strat like guitar with a Warmoth roasted maple neck in position 4. It turned out that it sounded best, when playing with my fingers.

Not sure if it is a real challenge for nowadays guitar players to play SLOW ...
Any how: slow playing demands and enables in the same way the need to shape notes with bendings, vibrato, slides, etc.

I have tried to do a melodic solo by playing closely along the very nice chord progression and by adding some (hopefully) nice harmony licks.

All in all it is a lot of work to finalize such a recording (including the footage process). The guitar parts was 20% at maximum.

I am interested in your opinion ...

wolbai :icon_thumright: