Yellow Burst Project


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This is an old Kramer Body that a friend wants me to yellow burst,

Got a reverse Fender headstock from Warmoth, maple w/ rosewood fretboard.

My buddy did a lot of work before handing it off to me, and it needed more work when I got it. You can see the filler in the neck pocket, Had to extend the new Warmoth neck almost a 1/4 inch to maintain 25 1/2 scale length. Also opted to fill the neck bolt holes in the body, and re-drill to fit Fender ( Warmoth) hole patern, so we can more easily exchange necks in the future.

The pic shows the first coat of Deft clear finnish, after the dye and sealer. A few more coats of clear over the whole guitar, then will try to add black.


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I'm confused... In the other thread it sounded like you were trying to do a tiger stripe thing?
well what do you call this figure if it's not tiger stripe, it's not flame,rock, quilt, the grain patern runs back and forth in stripes, so call it whatever you want, just don't be confused on my account
By that I meant I thought you were going to dye the striping a darker color, sand back and dye a lighter color, like on CB's BFG Tele..