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Bill in SC

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I met Gregg through Warmoth, and bought a Tele body and neck from him. After seeing my guitar, a good friend of mine who is a producer, studio musician,  part time luthier, and all around good guy decided to build himself one. He built a fine Warmoth Strat! He was so excited with it, he GAVE me has Clapton Strat body and neck. I sold the neck to finance a Warmoth exotic wood neck for my Tele. Anyhow, Ken, the guy I traded out with has a neat web site. You can go there and view a few of his recent productions, and check out his instructional video. I just can't say enough about Ken. He is all pro, all the time. He does all my luthier work. You can check his site out here:
I have the loaded Clapton Strat body over on the swap section. Let me know what you folks think about Ken's ability and work. Especially check out his Brian Robinson "Country Memories" video. They just got back from Nashville due to recognition of this video.
BB in SC