Would this design be difficult to build?


Hey, just a guitar I drew up... pretty close to a custom guitar I would want to have one day.

What do you guys think about this actually becoming a reality :) Any problems you could see with it?
What do "custom" builds usually run $$$ wise?


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i just want to warn you, when every body sees this, they will laugh there asses off, then they will try and help.
First off I'm going to agree with Schmoopy. But I ain't gonna be one of the ones to laugh.

I'll tell you this though. I don't know how difficult it would be to build it, but it is definitely not impossible 'cause a while back Gibson put out a run of REVERSE Flying V's similar to what you've drawn up. So, if you want it, it probably definitely can be made.
I like yours way better than Gibson's.  I'm not laughing.  :party07:

I especially like the control cavity behind the bridge, very clever!  But that's only going to compound the serious balance problem this thing is already going to have.  You're gonna have to rout a pocket for a scuba weight or something behind the bridge!

Also you're going to have to be real handy with a router because Warmoth won't make it for you... you can start from a body blank but you'll have to go from there.  Practice routing that Floyd cavity in scrap wood!

I think you'll need a long slot running along the top edge of the body for the wire to the LP switch.  That's gonna look ugly on the back.  The only other option I can think of is to get a REALLLY long drill bit and drill through the top horn all the way to the control cavity.  Of course if you use a laminate top you can just rout a slot in the top of the body and cover it with the laminate.

What's the control scheme?  You've got 3 pups and only 3 positions on that LP switch...

Anyway I think it looks cool.  I probably wouldn't make one myself but if I did, it would have a black body and all-maple neck with black binding.  :rock-on:
oh there's no way thats a sitting guitar. but it kicks the gibson one.


Okay, man, good luck on this one. I would never have a guitar I couldn't play sitting down, but it's your dream, so who cares about what I think.
You could modify your design so that you could use a Warmoth body blank and that would really ease your burden, because you could get the neck pocket, pups, and bridge routed for you. The biggest issue is the ends of your 'v' should not come above the top of the neck pocket. Check out the pic of a body blank and try to trace your design over that, it doesn't look like you'd have to move the 'v' ends that much at all. Then it's the question of getting a nice bandsaw and cutting it out, once you've got Warmoth to do the routing. Then, I think Willyk has the better idea for the controls (except he's reversed the whole thing for some reason so it's unplayable!) as CB mentioned.  Making your own rear-rout control cavities wouldn't be as tough as routing the neck pocket and pickguards I guess.
Please let us know if this ever gets made, we'd absolutely want to see it.
nah, get some templates and rout it yerself,  don't compromise design for that.
I think it looks pretty cool.  You could have a flip-down Steinberger-style legrest for playing in a sitting position.
A Kubicki-style headstock might help with the balance.

Nice job on the drawings, too...