Wood/Wood veneer pickguards


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This picks up on a couple of disparate threads elsewhere on board....

Here is a source for some birdeye maple Strat pickguards, ordered one, haven't received yet, will reply with more details when I do:


This guy sells wooden pickguards from an eBay store:


I have ordered one from him, was OK, but I had to dremel the pickup holes as standard SC pickup covers would not fit as supplied. This is the pickguard I stained and custom recut for the Korinacaster on this board's gallery.

To the guy that queried about doing exotic wood veneers on pickguards in another thread; some furniture quality veneer comes with adhesive backing, but typically size wise it comes in sheets too large/expensive to experiment.

This eBay seller sometimes has small lots of sheets sized right to experiment with putting the veneer on an existing low end plastic pickguard:


Missed an auction he has for some nice looking ebony veneer 15"x24" sheets, plan on picking something interesting up from him and go through the trial/error process of affixing it to plastic, or maybe better use one of the $24 maple pickguard from the Dancing Dragon Guitars link, as I'm sure securing the veneer to wood rather than plastic will be much simpler

I believe the first instance, birdseye maple, is a plastic to "look like" birdseye.  I've seen a lot of those on ebay, some of which are the exact same piece, but by different vendors (a stock photo from whoever's making them)