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what can i use to eat wood glue without much damage to the wood itself?  suggestions anyone??? :help:
well basically i wanna undo a past wood gluing joint and apparently i did a good job cuz it's ridiculously strong.lol  so now i'm trying to find out if there's any recommended chemical or something that i can use...
what parts do you have joined that need to come apart?

what specific 'wood glue' did you use to make the bond?

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I've seen luthiers separate a body and neck by heating a thin putty knife and sliding it in and gingerly scraping it out. Adding a little bit of water and using a heat gun.  I suppose a hair dryer would work.  I think also it was hide glue, not titebond.  Fortunatly, I only own bolt on necks, so this glue thing is not a problem.

It was at cage basses in SOHO.   Great place.  If you're ever in New York, check it out.
i just used some Elmer's wood glue and it's the neck joint.  in case anyone is wondering it works incredibly well even though it's not a fancy brand...apparently too well in face.lol
Elmers glue - white or yellow - will soften with water and heat.  Steam would be perfect.  Heat will work wonders though.  If you can heat it without destroying the finish... the parts will separate.  White Elmers is not good for heat and or humidity.  Yellow is better (closer to a TightBond type of wood glue).  Natural hide glue (gelatin) is the best at heat resistance, although it too will come apart with heat, and steam.
thanks....how much heat are we talkin here?  i'm assuming a blow dryer wouldn't really suffice with this type of thing.haha
a blow drier would, but heat lamps would be more even....

What they generally do is pull the fret at the joint (fret 12 or fret 14...) drill a tiny hole for a needle in the bottom of the fret slot, and force steam in there (from a cappuccino maker).  A bit of that and the joint is ready to be "jacked".  There is a tool for removing necks.

StewMac has all this www.stewmac.com

Also go to www.frets.com and check out the stuff about glue and neck removal by Frank Ford there.
how did i not think of going to the frets site?  :icon_scratch: it's one of my favorites...