Wiring Worries


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I am at the wiring stage of my Tele Deluxe Project. http://www.unofficialwarmoth.com/index.php?topic=4065.0
I had never held a soldering iron in my life before today.
I managed to follow the diagram that came with my EMG's that i bought and done an 'ok' job.

Now i have to incorporate the 3 way switch and i am stumped (yeah i know, rubbish eh)
The diagram i am using explains only so much

But i need more guidance.
Also the the cables that came with the pickups dont cater for the switch.

I need some more wiring, can i just use standard electric wiring such as.....

All i need is to make the 3 connections on the 3 way switch. Any help with that would be great. The one short white wire thats coming from the jack is all i have to make the connection to the 3 way, can that be extended using the electrical wire i showed above?
at which points do i solder each wire to the 3 way?

Sorry for so many lame arse questions. i am new to this and want to make sure i get it right.


You did a good job at soldering, considering it was your first time.
but in the future, dont use so much solder on a connection. you only need enough to bond the connections together.

if you use alot of solder, it can also be difficult to desolder when you need to change things.
Yeah, standard electrical wiring will do.  You just need to wire the output of each volume put to the 3-way, then the center lug of the 3-way to the output jack.  The lug all by its lonesome on the other side of the 3-way is a ground.  Sorry for the crude pic, but I hope you get the point  :icon_biggrin:
those are EMG's right? you need the battery plug in there somewhere...oh, nevermind I see the wires.