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Bill in SC

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I have a wiring dilemma. I am wiring two Gibson '57 Classic PAF humbuckers in a Warmoth Tele thinline body. Here's the deal. Gibson wires their guitars with 2 volume and 2 tone pots. They use an .047 capacitor for the neck pickup, and an .02 capacitor for the bridge pickup. With my setup, I want to run 1 volume and 1 tone pot. So, which capacitor would I use? I'm assuming the .047. There's no way to use both the different capacitors with just the one tone pot is there? How do I approach this?
Bill in SC
Use a push-pull pot to switch between two different capacitors. Or try one out, then swap for the other and see what you like better. I thought Gibson was always .023 and Fender was always .047, and I'm not sure how big the difference actually is (it's not "double").
I was basing my Gibson capacitor info from this site:
I have no clue otherwise.
BB in SC
Actually "classic" wiring uses two .022 caps, not different values for neck/bridge PU; on setups like my Thinline with P90s or VIP with HBs with single vol/tone I just use a .022 cap
I don't know how accurate this is physics-wise, but it's never steered me wrong sound-wise: If you're unsure, use the 'brighter' one. You can always turn the tone down if it's too bright for you, but if it's too muddy....

OR use no-load pots on tone! Although, these are humbuckers we're talking about so maybe it wouldn't sound too good. But I'm planning on using those things on a bunch of builds, they're so cool.