Wiring Harnesses - is it worth it?


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I have done a couple of wirings myself now, and even though I am not the best solderer, the end-result turned out ok.
on my current project, i want everything to be perfect.. so high quality parts, a good soldering job, etc.
so I am looking at the Rothstein website, and they seem to have a lot of good options. But is it really worth the extra money?

Any experiences with Rothstein here?
what are good alternatives?
are the cheap ones on ebay equally good?

and a couple of dumb questions:
are the fancy (expensive) Capacitators just a gimmick or worth the upgrade? http://www.guitar-mod.com/rg_kit_caps.html
does 'clothed' wire have a function or is it only used to make the wiring look more 'vintage correct'?
gimmic on the caps. the little green ones at radio shack do great, are much smaller, and can be had even cheaper from an electronics supply company.
Not worth the money.

The mylar 75 cent caps from radio shack work as well as anything else.

Cloth wiring insulation is just for looks, typically has plastic under the cloth anyway.

Anybody got a photo of the green ones? My Cantonese is bad enough, but electronics is WAY outside my vocabulary. I can put the picture in my phone and show it to the people in the shops (which have EVERYTHING).


it should say something like 473J100V

47 is the multiplier
3 is for 10 to negitive 3rd power, or how many spots to move the decimal to the left

100v is the voltage, i know that sounds a bit overkill but even the 100v ones are quite small and they are the ones you are most likely to find.
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