Will it chug...


Mythical Status
This dude is hilarious...A ukelele...
i lol'ed, good stuff. that Ola is capable of being entertaining enough to make be briefly forget he's a shill. there's nothing wrong with being a shill, btw, we all got to get #paid.
Apart from his own stuff I've never seen Ola as a shill. I also think he's one of the very few YouTube types who would continue to succeed if YouTube ceased to exist.

Or maybe he is a shill with a good sense of pacing and restraint, there's no question he's at least selective. Especially in the context of so many insufferable asshats on YT that seem to discover the greatest pedal or amp ever made at least twice a week, I can live with it. He's funny, relatable, has actual pro experience, and is good at demo'ing products in a way that a viewer can actually learn something about them.