Wilkinson Trem too low for whole step raise (pull)


Guitar assembly virgin, so please be gentle.  I put a Warmoth Pro Angled Strat neck on a Warmoth Strat standard body with the Wilkinson 100 trem.  I did not notice the comment about angled neck pocket when I ordered the body - otherwise I would've asked Warmoth sales.  So no angled neck pocket.  So anyway, I assemble and mostly setup the guitar.  The Wilky trem is lowered all the way.  Works great for dives, but I can only raise the pitch about a 1/3 step on pulls, then the trem hits the body.  I wanted a whole step.  I can see three options:
1)  angle the neck pocket myself with sanding or something.  I am completely uncomfortable with this
2)  shim the neck with a flat shim - probably 1/8 inch - raises the neck.
3)  shim the neck with an angled shim, mimicking the angled neck pocket - tilts the neck.

In cases 2 or 3, anyone know where I can buy these (probably solid hardwood) shims?

I also have a good luthier to take this to, although we seem to have communinacation issues, so I'd like to see what y'all have to say first.

No spell checker on this forum???

Oh, this is pretty easy - not to worry. A tiny shim makes a big difference because of the length of the neck. Once you really have a good idea of what angle change you want, it might be time to consider paying someone to plane the neck pocket*, but - many, many Fenders have survived for decades with a little shim in the neck. It's almost considered necessary on most Ibanez JEMS and such, the $2000 Steve Vai signature models.

*(Or figure it out)

Credit cards or something similar are the shim material of choice, maybe the car insurance company sends you one every six months when you renew.... gee I haven't been getting free credit card offers every week since, umm, last September? :toothy12: Probably one layer of credit card will be enough, just cut a piece the width & shape of the pocket and 3/16" wide, loosen the strings (clamp them with a capo if you've got one). Then remove the screws, and put the shim in the back (behind the screws closest to the pickups, to lift the neck angle) and tighten 'er up. It'll take a lot of fooling around with neck angle, bridge height, truss rod etc. - there's no "perfect" so just assume it may take a few years to find your height preferences. Lower=faster, higher=cleaner. Only once you've dicked with it a while - a long while - should you even worry about chopping wood, and you may be a star by then - plenty of stars still have their shims in place.

There are many who will tell you that a shim is somehow going to change your tone, sustain, ruin your sex life etc. - find out what evidence they have, comparing identical guitars with and without shims, before you allow them to freak you out. What? NO evidence? Imagine that..... :laughing3: